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Jun 11, 2018/ 9:09

NASCAR Issues New Neurocognitive Baseline Test

NASCAR Issues New Neurocognitive Baseline Test

NASCAR will utilize a new neurocognitive baseline test to help identify whether drivers have experienced a concussion after a crash or injury.

In a bulletin issued to teams, NASCAR officials noted participants must go through the baseline King-Devick (K-D) test by July 8.

After the initial bout of tests, the K-D test will become a tool during neurological exams taken at infield care centers.

The neurological exam will include tests of reading aloud single-digit numbers from test cards and capture the impairment of eye movements, attention, language and more.

“We work with experts across the country in maintaining a proactive approach to prevention and assessment of concussions,” NASCAR said in a statement. “Following those experts’ recommendation, we have implemented the King-Devick test as part of a basic neurological exam for drivers in the Infield Care Center.”