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Sep 03, 2018/ 17:17
Next to expand its reach into USA and Australian markets to expand its reach into USA and Australian markets, worldwide racing marketplace has recently announced that they are planning to take the word "worldwide" from their title to a higher level, with the launch of two new marketplaces covering USA and Australian motorsport world.

As CEO of, Mitja Rijavec said: "We've always been striving to maximize our reach while being as friendly and personalized as much as possible, that's why we have 20 marketplaces all over Europe, connected into one, but separated by languages. But it's time for a step further... ", which Mr. Rijavec then explained that having just English marketplace wasn't enough for worldwide reach, as due to huge distances, the cars from Australia or USA weren't really convenient to be advertised in Europe, while there are also some differences in racing categories, which make current marketplaces not suitable for everyone as intended. 
That's why the two new marketplaces will be under branding, but separated from the other 20 already available marketplaces, which will also get certain improvements in the following year.

Mr. Rijavec added: "We are hoping that the new additions will be warmly welcomed, we know entering new markets is not easy, but we are already working on establishing support teams in new locations, who will be present on local events and also able to offer help during non-working hours for our European team."

Expected launch of the USA is by the end of 2018, with Australia coming shortly after.