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The Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) Ltd. was formed in 1964 when Alfa Romeo cars had started to become more numerous in the UK. Since then, the popularity of the marque has increased and Club membership has grown to approximately 3000. The majority of our members live in the British Isles, but we do cater for overseas subscribers. The objectives of the Club, as set out in the Memorandum of Association, are: "the encouragement of all activities associated with the use of Alfa Romeo vehicles, the development of an interest in the tradition and culture of the Alfa Romeo marque and the promotion of such sports and social activities, between persons interested in the same." In other words, if you are interested in driving, racing, maintaining or showing a modern, classic or vintage Alfa Romeo, or in spectating at Alfa Romeo Motorsport events, or enjoying the company and support of a group of people who are, this non-exclusive club has something for you. AROC's management team co-ordinate the activities of some thirty local or "area" sections spread throughout the UK and Ireland and a technical support network of "model" registers, each dedicated to a particular type or model of car. The management team is responsible for organizing our flagship national events, such as National Alfa Day, as well as an official presence at various classic car shows and other Italian car events. It also organises track days and the AROC Victor Ludorum Championship for members competing in Alfa Romeos. The Club maintain close ties with Alfa Romeo UK and the dealer network but remain entirely independent. We are also in regular contact with Alfa Romeo Owners Clubs all over the world, exchanging magazines and communications, encouraging our members to visit overseas events and welcoming visitors from abroad.

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Alfa Romeo Owners Club Ltd, Freepost RLZL-BXUU-JBGA, PO Box 9471


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