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Walero brings you the most cutting edge, technological advanced range of competition base layers approved by the SFI and FIA. Walero temperature regulating base layers are fully flame-retardant and have been scientifically designed by drivers, for drivers, to regulate body temperature, enhance driver performance and ensure maximum comfort. Designed using the same technology applied in NASA, our base layers are actively regulate your body temperature whilst combined with Envirotex, a super-soft, antimicrobial-infused material that’s 99.9% effective against bacteria. The base layers are also scientifically proven to reduce perspiration by up to 33%, meaning you can stay focused on one thing, and one thing only - Winning. Fiona James - WaleroFiona James (Owner, Founder and racing driver) has never accepted ‘okay’, always striving for more. With her background at the highest levels of equestrianism, having fielded several horses at international right up to Olympic level, she is only too accustomed pushing the limits and using technology to find that next 0.01s, seeking that next incremental gain.

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