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Hi, We come from the RC model industry business. After my education and job at Graupner in Germany as constructor I have established my company Toys'Port in 1996. At that time I was already experienced in concrete art. As in so many technical sports, we manufacture also numerous parts from carbon. For 22 years we have continuously introduced several innovative solutions into our portfolio. We lead both the business and the fine craftmanship after traditional principles and disciplines. Thanks to our customers we are successful - well, in second line in Model Sport active. For CARBONLIFE.DIAMONDS we have the same objectives and mission statement: passion, high standards of quality and reliability. ​ It is continuously developed further and has utopian angle for summit experience; well we hope your spirit will find our team there! We are glad to welcome you as our guest, should you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, (e.g. you want other size of picture until 1100 x 700 mm or design of frame) send us about an email or call us plesase. ​ If anyone is not completely satisfied with any purchase, I guarantee to refund without question the price of the item. ​ The race funs and their understanders can have this and later an other as reserve . We hope you are having lots of fun. Cheers

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